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We offer our members a daily menu of conservative, income producing option trades and strategies. These are trades that we place with our own money and although they are not recommendations, our members have the opportunity to view them, analyze them and use them as trade ideas.This is a perfect site if you have never traded options before or if you are experienced and don't have the time to search for income opportunities.

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Hi Stephen,
Today was my 1st day of using your site with a free 1 week trial. I must say I was super impressed by the emails I received.

I would consider myself between a novice-intermediate so today I just went over each suggested trade option.
I am a pretty conservative investor and find your approach in line with my ideas. When the week is up I look forward to joining for the year. Thanks for your suggestions and for making it clear.
Best, J.E.

Hi Stephen,
I wanted to contact you and let you know about a recent success story I had in the market, and it was all thanks to your alert.
A few weeks ago, you brought SRPT to our attention with a covered call play.
I liked it and investigated it a bit further. That’s when I found out it was on the verge of major news related to the release of a new drug to fight muscular dystrophy. I took a sizable position about a week before the news broke, which happened yesterday, and I was handsomely rewarded as a result.  
I would not have been drawn to this stock if not for your alert and I just wanted to say thanks for your great work.  In my case, your service has already paid for itself for the next 20 years and then some.
Here’s to a strong finish to a great week.Looking forward to ALL your emails.
Regards, B.C.
So far I have enjoyed your trades, they are conservative and they have been from stocks I am familiar with .  Therefore I would like to subscribe beginning at end of my trial period for the rate of $9.95.  
Thank you, D.
Hi Stephen-
Thanks for the free trial.  As I really liked your service I just purchased a 1 year subscription. Thank you, B.

What a great lesson!
I¹m still learning the intricacies of options and this showed me how, with a
little creativity and foresight, you can play the game and play it well.

Thanks for all of your emails.  Even though I don¹t play every one of them,
I still study them and learn a little bit more each time you send something

Sincerely, B.

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